About Us

Al.Lamya medicine and medical equipment is operating for over a decade throughout Libya. Leveraging excellent customer service and existing business relationships, represents a select group of the world's top medical supply companies. Al.Lamya distributes its products and service from its facilities all over the country includes some of the well-established brand names in Dental and medical industry. The profession now depends upon Al.Lamya for innovation new products that advanced the practice of dentistry.

Our History

Al.Lamya was founded in 2007 as a Medicine and Medical equipment distribution. Al.Lamya has been committed to providing the dental community with the best innovative, high quality, cost effective and dental products. Evolved into a medical/Dentistry distribution organization. In just Five years Al.Lamya was able to earn well known reputation along the Libyan Market in Dentistry, and grown to become the largest professional dental products company in Libya. With this growth, came a shift of focus into the medical equipment industry. Al.Lamya success throughout Libya continued to grow, Today, Al.lamya primary objective is to nourish its existing business relationships and develop new partnerships with manufacturers seeking to penetrate markets within Libya and abroad. With a sole focus on medicine and Dental/medical distribution, Al.Lamya portfolio continues to grow in large part to its expertise and dedication to Customer service.


Provide World-Class Representation

To provide world-class representation and distribution services to global medical and Dental manufacturers via unparalleled relationships and distribution channels throughout Libya.

Vast Opportunities and Strengths

We, as an organization have vast opportunities and strengths directed towards a single objective of being the first Medical and Dentistry by serving the needs of professionals across Libya.

One Team One Collective Aim

As one common team with one collective aim, we are committed to these core values and perspectives.